lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

The Original Skin. Mandatory for t-shirt lovers

If you are of those who think that fashion and consciousness-raising cannot coexist, then there is something you are missing. Conscious fashion does exist and the fact is that the labels that follow this trend increase at a vertiginous speed.
Do you like what you are reading? Then go on and discover The Original Skin, an original and bold clothing label that advocates for thought provoking messages on its clothes.
The Original Skin represents a new concept on clothing; few designs created with intellectual value, I would say. Their first creations consist on four t-shirt models for women and men inspired by speech, gender and sexuality, civil rights and race and movement with a hint of vintage that makes them more romantic.
As a journalism student my favorite one is the newspaper t-shirt, visit The Original Skin online store and tell me what is your favorite. You can take advantage of the especial 50% discount offer due to the celebration of their online store launch if you feel like acquiring any piece of their collection


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